Open-source software

I have taken part in a number of open-source software projects of my own and in collaboration with others, released under the GPL and other accessible licences.

Academic software

These open-source software projects primarily relate to the numerical solution of PDEs using finite difference or high-order finite element methods.

  • Nektar++ – Open-source spectral/hp element framework.
  • HEART: High-density Electrogram Analysis and Review Tool – A tool for analysing electroanatomic mapping data.
  • DimSplit – A multi-dimensional solver for Partial Differential Equations written in C++
  • MeshGen – A mesh generator for use with the spectral element solver Semtex.

Radio software

While at the University of Warwick, I was a member of the student radio station RaW 1251am. During this time I worked on a number of open-source software projects.

  • Digiplay – An open-source Digital Playout and Sustainer system for radio stations. The source code is now hosted on Github
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