Vim-outliner for creating task lists

Vim-Outliner provides the ability to create outlines and task-lists in vim. The checkbox module is particularly useful for the latter. Vim-Outliner defines commands to control its functionality using comma-comma commands, e.g. ,,cb, in command-mode.
Installation and Configuration on Debian

Installation is straightforward using the vim-addon manager

apt-get install vim-outliner vim-addon-manager

We then instruct vim to use this addon using

vim-addons install vim-outliner

Note: To allow the use of the vim-outliner comma-comma commands, set

let g:use_space_colon=0

in /etc/vim/vimoutlinerrc.

Basic Usage

Create a new file with a .otl extension. Use tab indenting to define the tree structure. Each level should be a different colour and the level within the tree is shown in the left margin of the editor.

The indent of existing items can be increased or decreased using << and >>, respectively in command-mode.


Checkboxes may be created for items. These can then be checked and unchecked as required. A checkbox is created in command-mode using the command ,,cb. It can be toggled using ,,cx.

Percentage Done

Entering a % character in the text denotes a percentage-complete counter. This is updated whenever a checkbox within the relevant subtree is changed, or manually using ,,cz in command-mode.

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